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Critical E&P data typically resides in disparate functional silos

And for good reason; domain experts require a toolset suited to their specialised workflows, and these toolsets naturally generate datasets with unique properties. However, blending these sources together (without relocating them at their source) can represent a compelling value proposition, and makes many new workflows possible.

Whereoil offers a wide variety of connectors that can be selected to create a platform that caters to the specific needs of your organisation. The information that is to be ingested into Whereoil can come from:

  • Internal sources such as local or cloud filesystems (f.e. network shares), document management systems (f.e. documentum or P8), databases (f.e. SQL, Oracle or similar) or ArcGIS solutions.

  • External sources such as DISKOS, CDA/OGA, License2Share, NPD Fact Pages, News websites and more

  • Industry specific applications such as Petrel, Studio, Openworks, Kingdom, and more


Once these sources have been integrated, enrichment of data is possible. Enrichment of the ingested data is a set of value-added workflows within the application that can make use of the valuable information a data source sits on. These workflows include:

  • Content extraction for well-known and text-based files

  • Optical Character Recognition (OCR) on images and PDF files

  • Georeferenced and searchable from a GIS interface

  • Geotagging based on spatial properties

  • Duplicate file detection

  • Quality control for industry formats

Integration of company-wide sources and enrichment using cross-silo workflows is key to making the relevant data available to all users. It is fundamental to ensuring that users have the best possible platform to support their decisions and projects.

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