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Integrate, harmonise and blend across all your data silos

Companies working with exploration and production are generating more data than ever. While the market expects greater insight to be generated from these ever-growing silos, most organisations have fewer resources available to generate this insight. These challenges require a robust and scalable platform to identify, integrate and blend relevant information to make true digitalisation a reality.

Whereoil is a state-of-the-art integration platform for the Oil and Gas industry. It empowers users to organise and identify the right data from the right sources for their workflows. Whereoil’s unique combination of features automate workflows, enforce corporate policy adherence, and transforms the way people interact with their data.

Whereoil’s cutting edge GIS interface can visualise data from any input source; allowing users to:

  • Get a complete spatial overview of their company’s data (even unstructured, non-spatialised data)

  • Create, save and share any map with the layers they need

  • Apply filters for insight and focus

  • Import data from virtually anywhere using external services, internal sources or custom geo layers

Users can search across all their silos through multiple mechanisms, including spatial geo-searches, traditional keyword searches, and categorical lookups. Results are automatically represented spatially and in tabular form, allowing powerful filtering mechanisms to reduce the noise in the GIS interface to present the users with relevant data.

Whereoil’s robust, open API allows simple interaction with its enriched, aggregated data store. The Whereoil data platform is built from the ground up with the API in mind. Whether you want to integrate with an in-house GIS system, develop your own connectors or use our industry-proven connectors, all your data is available through the API. Data retrieved from the API is subject to the same authentication and authorisation mechanisms as user access, so corporate entitlements are honoured and preserved.

Wrangling of disparate corporate data is a time-consuming task. Whereoil provides enriched, readily available and up-to-date data on-demand; ensuring that querying, machine-learning and other initiatives are supplied with the quality data they need to rapidly achieve their objectives.

Join the digital transformation revolution