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Kadme wins the tender for the Diskos Trade module

Kadme’s Whereoil software is chosen once more for the operations of the Diskos Trade module.

Stavanger, Norway, 17th December 2020 – KADME, a leading provider of information management software and services to the oil and gas industry, is the proposed winner of the contract for the Diskos 2.0 Trade module. The official granting of the contract will happen after the qualifying period, expiring on Friday, 8th January 2021.

Diskos is the National Data Repository for the oil and gas industry in Norway. This National Data Repository is one of the oldest on the planet, and it is one of the most mature, both in terms of technology, and in terms of the maturity of its business model. Diskos was established in 1995 by the Norwegian Petroleum Directorate and active oil companies in Norway. Today, Diskos stores most of the E&P data from the Norwegian Continental Shelf, with an amount of data currently stored that is in excess of 10 PB.

In addition to being a solution for data storage, Diskos is also a platform for trading and sharing of data that has not yet been released. For this purpose, the oil companies use the Trade module, which allows data swaps between them, under the supervision and management of the Geodata Trade group within the Norwegian Oil and Gas Association (NOROG GTO). The Trade module supports the data trading business workflows of NOROG GTO and is the central system for all the data trades on the Norwegian Continental Shelf. It also allows NOROG GTO to set the user rights to the different data sets stored in the Diskos database.

Gianluca Monachese, Kadme’s Operations Manager for the Diskos Trade module, said this proposed contract award is the result of the exceptional work Kadme has done in the last few years: “We have had a good relationship with the Diskos community since before the beginning of Kadme’s history. We have been operating the Diskos Trade module since January 2015, and we can proudly say that we have greatly automated the work that NOROG GTO has to perform to manage all the data trades on the Norwegian Continental Shelf. In the new contract period we will further enhance the functionality and usability of the solution. This contract award is the result of very hard work done by Kadme in the preparation of this tender, but also in the past few years of operating the solution.”

Kadme managing Director, Kjell Arne Bjerkhaug commented: “We are indeed pleased to have been awarded the Diskos contract for serving the data Trade community and proud to be the first incumbent operator in 25 years to win a Diskos operation contract. With this reward, Kadme is committed to serve the Diskos community with innovative and forward pointing technology solving the intricate challenges that happens in the data trade business. Our Whereoil technology proves to add value in the ecosystem where people meet data.”

The Diskos Trade module contract has a total duration of eight years: five years plus three optional years.