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LUMIN Archive

The LUMIN Archive module

has been developed to help Data Managers to reduce the storage costs for the Company data. This is achieved by allowing data administrators to move data that is very seldom used within the company, to cold storage tiers in the cloud available to the organisation.

Archive the data you do not use

The Archive module can be set up to act on all the data sources in LUMIN.

All the metadata records and the physical files they represent can be archived by users holding the relevant permissions. Doing this will copy the metadata to the archive area and move the physical file to the configured storage tier in the cloud.

Once records are archived, the metadata remain available in LUMIN, to be found via any search executed in the system. However the physical data can no longer be accessed directly.

Restore records as needed

Archived data can be restored on request by any user with access to LUMIN Data. When a restore request is submitted, the user has the possibility to define the type of restore request: Temporary or Permanent.

A temporary restore request will allow the user to specify for how many days the temporary restore should be active for, once approved by an Archive Manager. This functionality has been implemented in order to allow access to the files without moving them out of the archive tier.

With a permanent restore, after approval, the user can expect the records and files to be restored back into the source data storage.

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