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LUMIN Images

LUMIN Images:
a revolution in location-based data searching

See what you’ve been missing with our game-changing, deep-search technology

LUMIN Images is a powerful visual-search tool. It uses a sophisticated, deep-learning model to find the image and figure content of your digital documents such as reports, presentations and published papers. Results from fast, automated image searches are ranked by relevance and presented in context and by geo-location.


Searching by image is a quick and intuitive way to find the most useful data. Images can reveal their relevance in a fraction of a second, but in most companies subsurface data and digital documents are held in numerous physical and digital locations, which hinders access. These sources may contain millions of documents, tens of millions of pages and countless images.


Effective image searching in this complex digital landscape was impossible… until now.


LUMIN Images is a fast, powerful and cost-effective way to search for images and figures across all of your data sources. It finds and ranks every piece of relevant data, even images you did not know you had. And all of this is achieved without incurring cloud AI computing costs.


Having image data retrieved in seconds and presented in an organised way enables you to spend more time analysing what is vital and less time filtering out what is irrelevant. When you select an image, it will be displayed in context, enabling you to easily ‘drill up’ into the document that the figure appeared in.

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With LUMIN Images you can

  • Maximise value by getting more of what you need from the data you own
  • Save time and effort with an automated search tool that delivers the images and figures you need, ranked by relevance, geo-located and presented in source documents for context
  • Save money by eliminating cloud AI computing costs, with the potential for multi-million dollar savings when researching a major development project
  • Make a quick start with a ready-to-use, pre-trained model
  • Optimise the search model over time so it aligns exactly with your needs.
  1. This simple search example offers a small demonstration of the powerful functionality available in LUMIN Images. The user activates the module by selecting Images.

2. A search location is defined. In this example, the user requests image data associated with Johan Sverdrup oil field, offshore Norway.

Johan Sverdrup field is shown on the interface map panel to confirm location. Individual wells are shown and can be selected to reveal data relevant to that location.

3. LUMIN Images delivers a comprehensive set of relevant image results for the Johan Sverdrup field.

4. Users can refine their searches by data type. In this case the user selects Map, and specific map types, as the image category.

5. The results from each search can be sorted by well, relevance and confidence level, and other criteria. Here the user has set a relevance ranking for the search.

6. Flexible category and results grading tools make it easy to find key information.

7. Users can select and examine specific images in detail to check their context and look at similar results. Reverse image searches can also be used to discover related images from this and other locations.

8. Users can navigate from the selected image back to its source document with a single click. LUMIN Images does not search images alone, advanced proximity searches can examine document content to locate relevant figures or images even if they do not contain the search term.

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Find out more about LUMIN Images and how this game-changing technology optimises searches and enhances workflows.

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