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LUMIN Platform

LUMIN is an integration platform

built for speed at scale, while honouring existing security entitlements for corporate and mission-critical data. Specialised in the Oil & Gas domain, LUMIN boasts an impressive portfolio of connectors for E&P data sources. LUMIN filesystem connector is able to read a collection of unstructured documents and automatically spatialise them; publishing them as layers on our powerful GIS interface. The same is possible for records in other repositories, such as databases, SharePoint, intranets, public web pages, document management systems and more. Our connector portfolio is regularly extended, and the robust, open nature of the platform allows for custom connector to be developed by Kadme or any 3rd party.

With LUMIN as a central portal for access to private and public data, your geoscientists will more rapidly locate their data, and better understand its quality due to the QC that is automatically performed. Data managers may take advantage of automatic duplicate detection to reduce fileshare sizes and protect their master datasets. Data scientists can make use of the built-in REST API, giving answers to queries on top of millions of records in milliseconds. By structuring and enriching the data, LUMIN removes a lot of the data preparations needed for your Machine Learning efforts. This allows your data scientists to work more efficiently, overcoming the “80/20” dilemma where most of the time is spent on prepping the data rather than analysing it.

Effective data visualisations are an essential to realising the value from large scale data integration. LUMIN comes with a collection of powerful dashboards and reports, all of which can be published at a group or user level. Using the built-in administrative tools, create dashboards that represent your KPIs, and gain critical insight into the performance of your enterprise.

LUMIN is built using a proven and performant technology stack, and follows modern architectural principles. This design enables on-premise, public/private cloud, and hybrid deployments.

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