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National Data Repositories

Governments seeking to attract investment

to their oil and gas industry must provide a transparent information and data management environment. Such environments should conserve and showcase current data assets, while managing additional information related to the progress of the oil companies’ activities during the exploration, development and production phases.

The structure and functionality of the national data repository solutions KADME provides are driven by distinct national interests and policies. The fundamental requirement is an effective data management platform that offers security and enables cooperation between operators, partners and governmental agencies, while conforming to national regulations and requirements.

Whereoil’s modular architecture makes it the ideal platform for national data repository initiatives. Its core functionality is built around the management of security and data entitlement. Whereoil’s extensive loading, tracking and validation functionality support embedded rules that adhere to defined regulations. Our toolbox of service modules includes modules for trading, data ordering, and analysing license ownership. Our robust and open API paves the way for rapid integration to various third-party repositories.

KADME is currently working as an operator for Diskos, Norway’s national data repository. We also deliver the Trade module, which allows the operators in Norway to initiate and fulfil requests for the exchange of information with other licensees on the Norwegian Continental Shelf. The Geodata Trade Operator (GTO), part of the Norwegian Oil and Gas Association, is the party that mediates all the trade requests and simulate each transaction via the system.

Whereoil is also the main integration platform used by Diskos for the Well, Seismic and Production modules, operated by CGG. The oil companies use the platform to submit data, pre-validate it, and to select and download data from over 10 PetaBytes of storage hosted in a unique Tier III, certified underground data center.

Whereoil is currently used by several national data repositories across the world.

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