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PNEC Conference: Ecopetrol’s New Digital Strategy for Upstream Data Management

One of Kadme’s most important recent projects has been featured at the PNEC virtual conference, taking place on 10-11 November 2020.

The opening presentation of this conference was held by Gustavo Londoño, Leader of Advanced Technologies for the Exploration Vice Presidency, Ecopetrol. The presentation had the objective of illustrating the new digital strategy adopted by Ecopetrol to manage all the data in the Upstream group.

Gustavo explained how this strategy has been centred around Kadme’s Whereoil software, as the central hub collecting and distributing all the legacy information collected by Ecopetrol since its foundation in 1951. Whereoil has been substituting a number of legacy databases that had become obsolete, and it has been adding the possibility to handle Big Data, and to make available 100% of the information for the development of AI workflows.

Ecopetrol has built, via Whereoil, a Cloud based platform centred on MS Azure. Via this platform, any user can have fast and complete access to data on the basis of a sophisticated set of rules and permissions. Any piece of data can be found regardless of its location, format and origin. In fact, in addition to the management of all the seismic and well data in the company, Whereoil also allows Ecopetrol to access many millions of documents, that are automatically geo-referenced to the spatial data available within the company. Dashboards are available for management to constantly monitor the system, and also physical data can be managed across the different company warehouses. The quality of the information is improved by applying automatic QC flags on well and seismic data, and by extracting all the text from scanned PDF and images across the company. An additional module has been developed that offers the ability of consulting the system via Natural Language queries executed in Spanish.

Ecopetrol has already migrated more than 30 years of legacy data, and therefore decommissioned a number of legacy systems. The process began in October 2019, and is currently being launched to more than 800 users within the company. The data lake is mature enough and will give huge benefits in data efficiency, quality and cost saving. Whereoil has given Ecopetrol the possibility to integrate multiple functions in the same environment, including data processing, tracking of physical data loans and returns, and digital data governance.

You can find more information regarding this talk at the PNEC website: