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Whereoil Light

As an operator of DISKOS

(the Databank for the Norwegian Continental Shelf), KADME understands the value this data brings to companies. Knowing what data and metadata exists across Seismic, Well, Production and Trade is critical for the prosperity of companies operating on the Norwegian continental shelf. KADME has created a product, called Whereoil Light, that allows companies to gather, understand and apply these datasets to mission critical workflows within their organisations.

Whereoil Light is a streamlined version of Whereoil that contains information from specific sources – NPD Fact Pages and DISKOS modules (Seismic, Well, Production and Trade) as well as a mechanism to automatically download all Well data from DISKOS that a company is entitled to. Users no longer need enquire about which data is available, or if it is up to date. This allows subsurface users and data managers to spend time on high value activities, rather than checking on data availability and manual downloads. Whereoil Light has the same fundamental features of Whereoil, such as dashboards and search technology that empowers users to identify, understand and use the data that they are interested in.

Having this mission critical data available and updated at all times also allows companies to ensure that other applications are able to benefit from the same, official data. This enables a consistent and repeatable workflow inside the company, allowing decisions to be based on accurate and quality-controlled data.

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