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KADME is the company behind Whereoil

The open ecosystem built specifically for the oil and gas industry. Whereoil unlocks the full potential of your data, allowing you to digitally transform your business and get ready to take advantage of new technologies such as machine learning, cloud computing and artificial intelligence.

Whereoil fast tracks your digital transformation workflows

By connecting to several information sources, both structured and unstructured, allowing the extraction of all the content from LAS headers, SEGY files, Office documents and many other data types. We offer also a robust API that can be used to pass information efficiently to your OSDU data platform, or directly to your machine learning algorithms, for your E&P workflow integration.

Whereoil greatly simplifies the creation of a corporate data lake.

Before bringing your data into your own OSDU data platform, or directly into any data analytics project, it is critical that such data is clean, consistent and accurate. Whereoil gives you a rapid path to prepare your datasets, collecting them from a variety of applications, databases, and other data sources commonly used in the oil and gas domain.

Whereoil transforms your data into insights

Our business partners around the world are working with us to build Corporate solutions and National Data Repositories using the Whereoil ecosystem, providing the local services required, so that you can keep all the knowledge within the boundaries of your country. We are a pure software company, and we do not have any data ownership interests. Whereoil can be installed as a cloud solution, or on premise, giving you the freedom to choose the architecture that suits your requirements.

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