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KADME is all about Knowledge and Data Management Expertise.

The LUMIN Platform is where all Kadme’s multi-sector experience and future insights come together. From Energy to Logistics; Healthcare to Insurance LUMIN can make the difference.

LUMIN consolidates your data and, using cloud-based AI and machine learning analytical tools enables your business to unlock more value from what you do now and into the future.

LUMIN fast tracks your business transition (WHAT) and the digital transformation (HOW) of your workflows

By connecting to several information sources, both structured and unstructured, allowing the extraction of all the content from LAS headers, SEGY files, Office documents and many other data types. The LUMIN Insight Engine builds from a robust API that can be used to pass information efficiently to your OSDU data platform, or directly to your machine learning algorithms, for your E&P workflow integration.

LUMIN facilitates data consolidation into a value added Insight Engine

Before bringing your data into your own OSDU data platform, or directly into any data analytics project, it is critical that such data is clean, consistent and accurate. LUMIN gives you a rapid path to prepare your datasets, collecting them from a variety of applications, databases, and other data sources commonly used in the oil and gas domain.

LUMIN enables 3D (data driven decisions)

The Kadme global network  is working with partners and clients to build platform capacity and analytical capability to make sure that LUMIN can be tailored to your current and emerging needs.

We are building National Data Repositories using LUMIN in the Energy Sector and this can adapt to multi-modal Logistics, Healthcare and Insurance sectors where we are exploring how best to leverage structured and unstructured  data to add value.

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